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Traffic Operations

Patriot Transportation Engineering (PTE) has extensive experience and a proven track record of delivery on traffic operations studies for a wide range of projects.  PTE has completed numerous traffic operations studies, including straightforward projects utilizing macroscopic tools to the most complex simulation studies being undertaken in North Carolina.  PTE has extensive experience utilizing the following software packages:

  • Highway Capacity Software

  • Synchro/SimTraffic

  • Sidra Intersection

  • Corsim/TSIS

  • Vissim

  • TransModeler

Macroscopic Analysis

PTE and its staff have performed numerous traffic operations analyses for projects across North Carolina.  Over the past twenty years, Peter Trencansky has completed macroscopic analysis on over 200 interchange and 800 signalized intersections utilizing HCS, Synchro/SimTraffic and Sidra.  The studies have ranged to standard intersections to complex designs including Single Point Urban Interchanges (SPUI), Diverging Diamond Interchanges (DDI), Multi-level system interchanges, superstreet corridors, Continuous Flow Intersections and transit Signal Priority for light rail operations. 

Microscopic Simulation Analysis

PTE is an industry leader in the development and analysis of complex transportation proiejcts utilizing microscopic simulation.  Since completing the first large scale simulation project in Vissim for NCDOT in 2003 to the present day, Peter Trencansky (and now PTE) has been at the forefront of implementing emerging technologies with simulation analysis.  PTE has developed complex simulations for oversaturated networks and has pioneered several innovative volume development techniques for improving the accuracy and fidelity of simulation studies.

​Please see our PROJECTS Page or list of studies below to better understand our traffic operation capabilities.

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