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PT Engineering developed a Small Area Study for Spring Lake in Cumberland County. U-5802 (Spring Lake Loop), U-5605 (Odell Rd Widening) and U-5930 (Manchester Rd Interchange) are in close proximity to one another and it was determined that performing a small area study would be most beneficial. The analysis included a traffic simulation model that encompassed the study areas of each project and adjacent areas that would be affected by the proposed improvements. The analysis included a visually validated base model for the 2017 existing year that compared model-predicted traffic performance against field observations. Additionally, models were developed for the 2040 Future Year No-Build and Build scenarios. The study included seven build alternatives based on various combinations of STIP projects. The model utilized StreetLight Data, Inc. origin-destination data as the basis for the development of the OD matrix for the study. Due to multiple routes being present in the study area and the primary benefit of the proposed design being to provide alternative access, Dynamic Traffic Assignment (DTA) was utilized to realistically predict the future travel patterns in the study area for the design alternatives.

Project Ongoing
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