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School Operations

Patriot Transportation Engineering is currently assisting the NCDOT Municipal School Transportation Assistance Group (MSTA), which provides comprehensive studies that address traffic and safety concerns associated with schools. These studies analyze pedestrian safety, overall traffic operations on school campuses and how school traffic affects adjacent state roadways.


These studies include in depth meetings with school and local officials to determine causes of safety concerns along with field visits in both the morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up periods. A traffic analysis is then performed including the analysis of student loading operations, bus operations, queue lengths, parking, pedestrian safety and signing.

Recommendations are then provided to address any of the identified issues. These may include pedestrian accommodations, internal circulation pattern revisions and separation of bus, parent and student traffic. A Traffic Management Plan is also provided and shared with parents and school staff to formalize drop-off and pick-up procedures and provide a clear understanding of expectations that enhance mobility and traffic safety on the campus.

​Please see our PROJECTS Page or list of studies below to better understand our school operations capabilities.

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