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Firm Overview

Patriot Transportation Engineering, PLLC (PT Engineering) was formed in March 2013
with the goal of providing a comprehensive integrated approach to transportation
planning and engineering. PT Engineering is an industry leader in traffic engineering
and has developed studies and simulation models for many of the most complex projects
across North Carolina. Peter Trencansky and his staff strive to utilize their vast and
collective expertise in transportation forecasting/planning, NEPA documentation, traffic
engineering and highway design to provide seamless integration between the various
disciplines. PT Engineering can provide the expertise to manage, design and implement
the most complicated projects, especially those involving highly congested freeways and
urban arterials requiring innovative solutions. PT Engineering also has the experience to
manage large programs and intricate interdisciplinary projects and has been one of the
highest rated consultants working for NCDOT over the past 7 years, including receiving
perfect scores on numerous ratings.

Meet the Team

Peter Trencansky, PE, PTOE, AICP


Mr. Trencansky has more than 23 years of experience in transportation engineering, including the development of roadway design plans, traffic capacity analysis reports, feasibility studies and environmental documents. Peter began his career developing preliminary roadway design plans at URS Corporation (now AECOM) for many of the most complex system interchanges in North Carolina. Through the need for a better understanding of the traffic operations of the designs he was developing he expanded into the traffic engineering field and quickly was recognized for his ability to integrate traffic and design into a solution that minimized cost and impacts. Throughout the intervening years Peter expanded his knowledgebase into NEPA planning and was the primary author of several high-profile Environmental Impact Statements (EIS). In 2013, Mr. Trencansky decided to return to his passion for traffic engineering and founded Patriot Transportation Engineering. Over the past seven years, Peter has grown PT Engineering into one of the premier traffic engineering firms in North Carolina and is regularly called upon to assist NCDOT on the most complex assignments. PT Engineering has the capabilities to develop traffic forecasts and operations studies for a wide range of projects and utilizes Peter’s experience in roadway design and environmental planning to develop creative, constructible and cost-effective solutions for even the most complicated challenges.

Sarah Wicklund, PE


Ms. Wicklund has 13 years of experience in the evaluation of traffic operations, including the implementation of complex simulation models for a range of transportation projects. Sarah began her career as an intern with NCDOT Congestion Management and worked for a combined seven years at multinational firms URS Corporation (now AECOM) and WSP. At WSP, Sarah was responsible for the modeling of multiple toll plazas within the Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority’s jurisdiction, including: Cross Bay Bridge, RFK Manhattan Plaza and the Verrazano Narrows Bridge. At PT Engineering she serves as the primary modeler on complex projects including advanced Dynamic Traffic Assignment and the simulation of Managed Lanes utilizing dynamic routing.

Lee Klieman, PE, PTOE

Mr. Klieman has 22 years of experience in transportation planning and traffic engineering. Lee worked at consulting firms in California, Tennessee and Indiana for 16 years prior to joining PT Engineering in 2015. Lee’s background is in systems planning and simulation and includes the development and application of travel demand models (statewide, regional and project-specific) in TransCAD, Cube and Emme/2. Lee has worked with models in Indiana, California, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Arizona , and North Carolina. Lee utilizes his expertise in systems planning to expand the travel demand modeling tasks into traffic forecasts that are able to integrate into the traffic simulation modeling as origin-destination matrices.


Heath Gore, PE, JD


Mr. Gore has 15 years of experience in transportation engineering, including seven years working for NCDOT Congestion Management. Heath then moved to URS Corporation/AECOM for five years, becoming the Traffic Engineering Group Manager. Heath has extensive experience in traffic operations analysis in both Synchro and TransModeler and is experienced in the analysis of innovative designs, including Diverging Diamond Interchanges, Continuous Flow intersections and Superstreets. Heath has extensive experience in the development and management of traffic safety studies for fatal accidents, Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) and Spot Safety studies. Heath also leads the school studies practice for PT Engineering.

Andrew Covington, PE


Mr. Covington has nine years of experience in a wide range of transportation engineering disciplines. Upon graduation from Clemson with a Masters degree in Transportation Engineering, Andrew spent six years working for AECOM. Andrew has extensive experience in traffic safety analysis including fatal accidents, Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) field investigations, unmileposted ordinance reviews and Spot Safety evaluations. Andrew is also adept at developing traffic forecasts and expanding them into origin-destination matrices for simulation studies. Andrew also has experience in the analysis of congested corridors in both Synchro and TransModeler and has worked on several projects involving unconventional intersection designs.

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