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PT Engineering was responsible for the development of a new tool for NCDOT Congestion Management that brought a series of tools together into a single location, the NCDOT Traffic Engineering Suite (TES). The TES is an Excel based file that includes pertinent information on the analysis of projects for NCDOT Congestion Management. As a part of the TES, the following new or updated tools were developed:
• NCDOT TransModeler Measures of Effectiveness Spreadsheets
• NCDOT TransModeler Measures of Effectiveness Macro
• NCDOT TransModeler Checklist
• NCDOT Intersection Analysis Utility (IAU) including separate AM/PM peak factors, quadrant and directional movements and interpolation of volumes
• NCDOT Intersection/Interchange Breakout Utility that converts standard intersection volumes to 65 different intersection or interchange configurations

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