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About PTE

PTE was formed in March 2013 with the goal of providing a comprehensive and integrated approach to transportation planning and engineering services.  PTE has extensive experience in transportation planning, traffic forecasting, traffic operations, microscopic simulation, roadway design and NEPA documentation.  Where PTE sets itself apart from other firms is the ability to provide a fully integrated solution to delivering results that are practical and sustainable.  With practical expertise in virtually all aspects of the planning and design process, PTE is able to identify the linkages between activities and proactively integrate them seemlessly into the management of the project.


PTE is prequalified to provide a wide array of services to the North Caorlina Department of Transportation, including services for the following entities:

  • Transportation Mobility and Safety Division

  • Transportation Planning Branch

  • Project Development and Environmental Analysis Branch

  • Highway Design Branch

  • Program Development Branch

  • Quality Enhancement Unit

  • North Carolina Turnpike Authority

PTE is certified as a Small Professional Services Firm (SPSF) by NCDOT.


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3008 Anderson Drive

Suite 220

Raleigh, NC 27609


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