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PT Engineering was responsible for the development of a traffic simulation analysis for I-5870, which proposes to modify the I-440/Ridge Road interchange and convert it to a full-movement interchange with a connection to SR 1670 (Blue Ridge Road) at Crabtree Valley Avenue. The simulation study was developed as a state of the practice application and utilized several emerging technologies in micrsocopic simulation. The model included the modeling of four-hour AM and four-hour PM peak periods with synthesized demand curves that replicated travel speeds from INRIX data. The model also utilized StreetLight Data, Inc. origin-destination data as the basis for the development of the OD matrix for the study. Due to multiple routes being present in the study area and the primary benefit of the proposed design being to provide alternative access, variable demand Dynamic Traffic Assignment (DTA) was utilized to realistically predict the future travel patterns in the study area for two design alternatives.

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