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PT Engineering developed a traffic forecast for the proposed Hampstead Bypass in the New Hanover and Pender Counties. The forecast included utilizing the Wilmington Travel Demand Model output to develop a 2016 Base Year No-Build, a 2040 Future Year No-Build, and a 7-scenario 2040 Future Year Build forecast for 18 intersections. During the review of the model data numerous discrepancies between the adopted and the MTP were identified. Following coordination with NCDOT, PT Engineering rebuilt the Master Network and Project List for the model based on the Cape Fear Transportation 2040 Metropolitan Transportation Plan. PT Engineering identified and modified several incorrectly connected centroids along the barrier islands to more accurately reflect the access to the islands. PT engineering also made modifications to the model script to properly calculate capacity for divided roadways and did sensitivity testing of the model volumes for the subject projects including alternative scenarios regarding partially funded projects (ie: without Cape Fear Crossing, with Cape Fear Crossing (no toll), with Cape Fear Crossing (toll)). All of the model revisions were fully documented and provided to NCDOT and the MPO for use in future updates to the model.

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